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Pap’s Hilltop Honey is a family business owned by Chris & Marc Lewis. We started our little venture in the summer of 2007 with three hives. Unfortunately, we didn’t get one drop of honey during our first year. Fortunately, we did not give up after that disappointing experience.

Our earliest memories of beekeeping are of our grandfather Garland Lewis keeping bees on his farm near Whitesburg, Kentucky when we were kids. We have an uncle that still keeps bees on that farm. Uncle Johnny has been a great help to us especially with all of the questions that we had at the beginning. His experience continues to be a great resource for us. We plan to keep this family tradition continuing for generations to come.

As of today we have over a hundred hives. We plan to grow to several hundred hives over the next few years. Our main product is bottled honey. We also offer other products such as beeswax candles, handmade soap, lotions and lip balm. All of these products contain beeswax or honey in their ingredients. Our goal is to use everything that comes out of the beehive to offer the best quality products at the best price to you!

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